LandLord & LandLady

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a renter like the visit from the LandFolks!
I will admit that when Mr. LandLord said he wanted to stop by and check on the house I went through quite a few emotions. FIRST I was pissy about it... I mean we aren't young-uns in our first place, trashing the house and wrecking the place, we are grown responsible ADULTS! Then I thought back to when I was a home owner and how I might feel if someone were renting my biggest purchase EVER ~ I'd probably do bi-weekly drive-by's ~ at that point I lost the pissy feeling. 

Next came FEAR... is it clean enough inside, too cluttered, smell funny? Is the yard being kept to THEIR standards? ~ The HOA has rules but the LandFolks may have higher standards ~ had to remind myself that we LIVE here & the LF have kids and pets so they can understand why it is the way it is.

More FEAR... Do they want us to move out so they can move back in? ~ I have no strength to do a move in the next 18 months let alone in the next 6 months. With GI Joe's medical stuff and upcoming retirement, trying to get Hootie stabilized in school, and then dealing with my mothers issues. Everything we have in our plans and goals is factored on the rent and utilities of this house, yeah not a chance I can handle another move!

So as the visit date got nearer my anxiety level went up a bit. ~ Internally it went up a LOT but I hid it well, I think. ~ I did the normal house chores and continued going through the left over boxes of 'stuff' from our move into this home. I just went on about my normal every day routines.

Visit Day... LL arrives, looks around the frontyard, makes a few GOOD comments. ~ YAY! ~ Enter the house and he says "You found a way to utilize this HUGE room, we never could figure out to use it, it looks really good." ~ BOOM! YES! ~ He looks out the back door and sees the little tree... GROWING... he heads out back and I am floored by his next comment. "This looks as good as when we lived here, if not BETTER." ~ OMG all my fears and worries were for NOTHING! ~ We go through the rest of the house, address some small concerns and he tells us to fix what is needed and deduct cost from rent. If it's a big fix just call them and they'll arrange for a pro to come out and do the job (plumbing, a/c, roof) otherwise would we be interested in renting it for a few more years? 

... wait a minute, what did he just say? Rent the house for a few more... did he say YEARS? 
You mean you don't want us out so you can move back in? 
Yes he did say YEARS! 
HUGE, GINORMOUS sigh of relief. 

Now I can relax and just LIVE in this house and put my focus on the family matters.

Next week LandLady will be in town... think we'll invite her over for a visit. :)


In a tizzy today

Not quite sure how or when this day took a wrong turn.
Everything was going along really well and then BLAMMO my mood was in the crapper.
I seem to be having a really hard time understanding all this crap about how entitled everyone thinks they are. I catch myself wanting to say things like "why are you waiting for someone else to do it for you?" or, "do I look like information and referral?" or, "they don't pay me enough to do that!" I actually don't get paid at all.
I am not allowed to say those things.
I have to schmooze and make nice nice with some people I'd rather not have ever met.