Herding cats......

I must have lost what few brain cells I had left.

We are now the proud parents of 2, 5 week old kittens. This makes 6 felines living comfortably in our home. The kicker ~ we are fostering 6 other kittens also. One is a desert rescue = some jackhole tossed little black kitten out into the desert to die. He was captured humanely, hubby brought him home wrapped in his shirt (BIG GUY with a little kitten! lol) and he's being fattened up and tended to, we refer to him as Papago. People that just toss animals away need to be tortured! The other 5 kittens are a rescue of sorts. Family in crisis asked for help, me being a sucker for animals & friends, I said I'd help and here I am with 6 extra kittens. Not to fear, someone has reached out and many people WANT these precious babies.

The sad part is that I want to keep Papago. I was apprehensive about this kitty at first. No clue how long he was out on his own, he's scratched up, malnourished and yet he is the most loving kitty ever! I had figured kitten + desert = wild kitty... so not true. He waits on the loveseat in the room for me. When I grab his food bowls and tell him I'll be right back he sits there and waits till I get back. When we play he never scratches or bites too hard... the head boops and cuddling are so sweet. I will let him go if that is the way it is supposed to be. The nice old lady that originally wanted him said goodbye to her precious furbaby and it left a huge hole in her life. If any cat can fill that void it's Papago, the kitten that survived a long walk through hell and came out the other side full of love!

Ok, need to prepare the travel kennel for 5 and dig out some candles for another round of storms!