A little more attention

So I am trying to find a little more balance in my life. Trying to do more of the things I like and less of the things I don't like, the laundry and dishes are getting done less often as a result. I have never been much of a people person but in the past year I have met some AMAZING people both online and in person. Some of you give me hope for the human race and others help me laugh and see that we can't take life to seriously because nobody gets out alive! For that I say THANK YOU!

Last month I watched J-Bird graduate, move across the country and then come back home a week later. :/ She's trying to figure her life out. 
I know she will in time but it is hard to watch your child hit the bumps in life.

My beautiful daughter in law is preggo with baby #2. It's a boy! 
Because of her wanting/needing family history I am learning so much about my ancestors, and what a rebellious bunch they were. Very colorful lives they led. A few skeletons popped out of the closet too!

I am hoping to blog a bit more as I have quite a bit of fodder for it.

I hope all the daddy's have a great Father's Day.
If you are a single mom ~ Happy Father's Day to you too!