About Me

I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom which is, in and of itself, a fulltime job.
I have worked in the real world for actual money.
I have reared 9 children, 5 I gave birth to and 4 I have inherited through my second marriage. I also have a beautiful daughter-in-law who is pregnant with our first grandchild. I am an Army Wife, an Air Force mom, an Air Force Daughter and an Army granddaughter... I must be genetically predisposed to this lifestyle. My oldest son is in the AF and our youngest child is in the 2nd grade. We homeschool the youngest using Connections Academy Online Charter School.

I think logically & rationally. I use COMMON SENSE!
I despise liars, cheaters, people with no morals or conscious and people that use others instead of doing for themselves. I mean really now, if I can do it you can at least try.

I am civil to 95% of the people I come into contact with. The other 5% must have really done something against my morals & standards because they don't exist to me. Sometimes I come across as "shy & quiet" to people I have just met... I am actually assessing the situation. I have my circle of friends, my 'support system', and I know who I can trust with intimate information inside the circle. Just because I talk to you does NOT mean you are in this circle.
Yes I am picky about the people I associate with!