My latest RANT

Sorry I haven't been around lately. LIFE seems to toss things in the path at the most inopportune times. Lately I've been in search of people with common sense and of the dozens of people I come across very few posses the ability to think or do things for themselves, or at least try to do things themselves before asking for help. Seriously people GOOGLE stuff before you whine because, if I don't readily have an answer, the first thing I will do when you ask for help is to GOOGLE that request!

I've been watching more of televisions advertisements and, WOW, society has gone downhill in the areas of acceptability and double standards. 

This one in particular is really stuck in my craw. 

I saw an ad with Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara and... well, it pissed me off! Here we are teaching our children about tolerance and inner beauty, to love themselves and embrace their differences, and there is Ellen dissing on Sofia's accent in order to promote face goo that women will smear on in order to HIDE their natural outward beauty! In looking at previous ads I got even more riled up when Ellen said something to the effect of "Hey there wrinkle face". Seriously, I like Ellen and the things she does for communities but calling women names to get them to buy chemical filled UN-natural products is a line in the sand. Bad strategy by the company and Bad on Ellen for not thinking about it before agreeing to do it!

It seems to me that society insinuates that women should be rail thin, have voluptuous bosoms, flawless skin, straight brilliantly white teeth, an all over glowing tan, and oozing sexuality at every moment. Our children (female and male) see this EVERYWHERE and it is etched in their brains that if they are not THAT they are not desirable. Then a movement starts to teach our children to love themselves as they are, yet these ads are still being created and aired. Now the 'older generation' is being ridiculed in an attempt to sell wrinkle goo because for some reason NATURAL AGING is wrong? WTH? 

I laugh really hard at the Victoria's Secret commercials.
Number of overweight women: 46.9 million
Number of obese women: 23 million
This info was found on a quick GOOGLE search at:

Apparently V.S. is unaware of the weight issues facing MILLIONS of women, let alone the economic crisis going on, yet night after night my 9 year old gets to watch voluptuous scantily clad women strike seductive poses in an attempt to sell UNDERWEAR! Very few people ever see my undergarments... me, husband, the cashier at the store when I buy them, and maybe the dog or cat when I do laundry. Personally I want something comfortable that won't irritate my skin with lace and stuff, this is AZ and it's hot. I don't need my breasts shoved up under my chin and I seriously don't want to be picking $20 underwear outta my butt all day long. ß THAT is not comfortable nor sexy!

I recently saw a story on television where several actresses ‘Tweeted’ pictures of themselves without make-up and they were BEAUTIFUL! Not perfectly flawless beautiful but normal looking everyday beautiful. They looked like me, uneven skin tone and all! Apparently people liked this little event and IMO they should make a few movies and television shows where NOBODY is ‘all done up’. How about the local news just being natural while reporting on the daily occurrences of humans being their natural murderous & thieving, or caring & helping selves’?

Some made-up t.v. personality 'selling' me a story is not why I watch. I watch certain news shows for the INFORMATION, get me info that answers my questions and I'll watch more often. I watch television shows for the story & plot, not for the curvy blonde & the perfect abs guy, give me a good story line with a half believable plot and I will tune in week after week. 

Either people like you or they don’t. 
Not everyone is going to like you, nor will you like everyone else.
It's not my lot in life to make every single person like me.
It's not my job in life to make everyone happy.
I like myself and tend to my own happiness. 

For the record I do color my hair. 
As the seasons change so do my moods, so I color my hair.
I do not follow a trend or fashion. 
I judge my hair color purchases on price and ingredients not on t.v. ads.

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