So much for finding a balance

Just when I think things are calming down…. BLAMMO…. something new comes along to take priority! Lately it’s meetings. Meetings about membership, meetings about target groups, Meetings with the new people, monthly meeting with my group (I like that meeting J) and of course meetings about meetings for meetings yet to be scheduled.
I have never seen so many people patting themselves on the back for doing virtually nothing.

We had a generous donation at work and while we are happy about it this has created a whole new level of stress for us. The donor insisted that the furniture sets stay together so we now have to hold drawings for these things. This means more rules and enforcing the rules. That’s alright, I do that part very well and I have my gals to back me up.

One of the meetings was about our facility. We received funding for some brand new shelving units. Took the General’s wife on tour of our facility and painted a very pretty picture of what could be if we had a little more space… Cinderella’s Closet may become a reality very soon!
I really like this woman. Most people will say she’s putting on an act but I have been around her so much the past few weeks that I really do believe that what we see IS what she is. She was ready to roll her sleeves up and get dirty with us cleaning and was excited about painting!

We dropped a jet last week. 
Pilots ejected safely and the investigation continues.

In 4 short weeks Hootie starts school! Summer break was 2 weeks shorter this year due to the restructuring of the school year. No big deal for us. We have been getting ready all along so there is no last minute shopping to be done.

Yesterday we lost 19 firefighters in the Yarnell Hill wildfire.
I discovered soon after that one military spouse I know is related to one of those fallen men. There are no words to express the grief being felt right now yet I can empathize and sympathize with these families. Being a military spouse we don’t like to think, or talk, about the very real possibility of losing our spouse in the line of duty, but we prepare for it. We know people who have gone through it and quite a few of us have attended funerals or sat with the surviving family helping them through the first few days/weeks. In this aspect we have an advantage over most civilian spouses. Wills, estates, every possible thing is planned out down to the last detail, my hubby even picked out his urn!

I hope everyone has a SAFE & HAPPY 4th of JULY.

Choppy J

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