Hello Darkness My Old (and unwanted) Friend

Dear Migraine,

I still don’t like you! After decades of dealing with you I now know most of the signs of your stalking and have become pretty adept at side stepping your unwanted physical advances. I have told you before that I have no use for you, yet you periodically come around demanding we be friends. Yesterday you completely blindsided me when you ran down my poor cranium with your semi truck full of cinderblocks. THAT was uncool! I knew the low pressure system was moving out and high pressure would be moving in and I was prepared for the nagging pain to begin. Instead you hijacked that semi and rammed my head before the nagging pain could start. You knocked me on my ass and totally screwed up the family routine. I had a shit ton of things to do today but most of it is on the back burner now. I even had to get out the prescription strength Naprosyn just to see straight.

Thankfully GI Joe came to my rescue and Hootie did not starve.
He made the house quiet & dark for me and did NOT hover over me.
I will admit the pain in my cranium seriously overpowered the toothache.
I was going to do some yard work and house cleaning today but the sun is still way too bright and the neighbors dog is yapping at 300 decibels so it will wait till tomorrow.

I will enjoy laying on the couch watching tv while dinner cooks in the crock-pot.
2 loads of laundry are done and the trash is taken out.

YOU did not win… I always push through.
I will not let you run my life, nor ruin my life.


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