The roller coaster of LIFE

I just love the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the anticipation and calmness.... most of the time! Lately it seems to be more like anxiety and frustration on the family scene with lots of chaos and 'make do with what we've got' on the work side of things. It all comes down to hurry up and wait in the end.

We are now trialing a third medication for Hootie (the first 2 had too many side effects and HE voiced his dislike of insomnia and constant cough) and so far this non-stimulant med is doing well for him. Annual state testing is next week so we'll see how well he can focus and stay on task.

GI Joe had yet another medical procedure and we have to wait to hear the results of the biopsy so they/we can determine which way to remove the damn cyst growing inside the jawbone. Still have shoulder surgery to schedule too.

My mother is being evicted and still has 4 rooms full of SHIT from 30 years of hoarding! This is not something I want to deal with EVER so I am being the voice of reason (I hope I am anyway) and supporting her in her efforts to get rid of it all without actually doing it for her. It is very difficult to NOT go over there, rent a dumpster, and just throw it all away... she got herself into this so SHE must do the work, emotionally and physically, to get herself out. It honestly is like dealing with a child!

The volunteer work/manager thing is a good distraction but at times is overwhelming. One day we have 2 volunteers show up and other days we have a dozen show up. The schedule and sign ups are great. People sign up and fill the slots on paper but then they don't show up.... CHAOS & CRISIS!!! In the past year we have turned the program around, weeded out the riff-raff, and made lots of positive changes. Still working on educating the military side that this is THEIR program and supplies are needed and when we ask for things we mean within 6 weeks NOT 6 months or longer.

This is all being done in the midst of making new friends, having dear friends move on to another base OR country, and all the home stuff going on simultaneously.

So I sit here and look around the house. Floors need vacuuming, laundry needs to be put away. I started the dishes and dinner is in the crock-pot but I just wanted to sit down and type some stuff up to get it out of my head.

The highs and lows balancing each other out... and all along this ride I keep my warped humor beside me!
Haven't throat-punched anyone YET but I do mutter 'google that shit, bitch!' quite a bit now.

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